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Why Control Mosquitoes?

All too often, people think the mosquito is the Virginia state bird. Summers are too short and mosquitoes can keep us from enjoying our backyards. They can make weddings and other parties memorable, and not in a good way. At restaurants, they can close down outdoor dining areas early. And if your office building is near a wetland and water retention/treatment ponds, mosquitoes can be a concern for workers.

Option A - Party Mosquito Treatment
Keep mosquitoes from attending your special event or backyard barbecue. Frantz Exterminating's one-time mosquito control service provides a short-term relief from mosquitoes for your outdoor wedding, reception, graduation, corporate event, birthday, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, or other special event. These highly effective, one-time mosquito treatments ensure the comfort of your family and guests.

Option B - Regular Mosquito Treatments
Frantz Exterminating can perform a barrier treatment to keep your yard mosquito-free all summer long. Once a month, l will spray the foliage around your yard to kill mosquitoes where they live and breed. This plant-friendly process is used on bushes, trees and other surfaces around your home where mosquitoes are most likely to land. The treatments help control roughly 85% of the mosquitoes within the treatment area. The treatments will also help with spiders,crickets and other insects.

 Stinging Insect Services


Prevention of the nests is the key to controlling the stinging insects. In the spring, we can treat the outside of your house to control those nests before they start.

We guarantee our work for the whole bee/wasp/hornet season. If you have any more troubles, we come back free of charge.

Is it too late? Do you already have a nest? We can help! Just don't plug the hole or use repellants. This will force them inside your house or to make a new hole. We can come out and take care of those nests for you. Our products do not repel the insects, instead they are unaware they have crossed it, causing them to keep using the hole and die. This is also why we don't take down the nests. We dust the nest during the day, when the insects are out of their nests. When they come home at night, they cross that chemical, killing the nest.


Carpenter Ants Treatment

Our Carpenter Ant Treaments use Termidor to successfully resolve the problem and in most cases only an exterior treatment is required.  Note:  if there is a carpenter nest established in the house it could mean that you have moisture problems which could be caused by leaks coming from faulty plumbing or a leak in the roofing system.   


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